Charlize Theron And The $20 Million Story Involving Christian Dior & Raymond Weil

Charlize Theron must have sworn never to wear a watch again after Christian Dior and Raymond Weil made her life miserable over an issue that amounted $20 million. Charlize was contractually bound to wear Raymond Weil watches in public, but she was surprised, as seen in this picture, wearing this luxury Christian Dior watch.

Charlize Theron Christian Dior VS Reimond Weil

There is no doubt that the Christian Dior watch here is an absolute masterpiece. This is a watch with numerous precious stones and jewels embedded in valuable metals like gold and silver to create one fantastic luxury watch.

This celebrity watch is designed to capture attention. From afar, it looks like a single metal bracelet with the face of the watch designed on top. Charlize has worn the watch rather stylishly by letting it slide down to add to the glitz and star value.

This luxury timepiece features 3 sub dials and this makes it a rather manly looking watch. For some strange reasons, popular female artists are always seen in bold and glitzy men’s watches.

The controversy between Charlize and Raymond arose on the issue whether she was at a public place or not. She contended that she had no idea that she was being photographed. As it turned out, two different photographers had taken snaps and one snap was actually used in a Christian Dior advertisement that claimed that Charlize wore only Christian Dior.

The issue was finally settled in a multimillion dollar repayment. However, the good news was that both brands secured a lot of publicity and public interest in Raymond Weil watches spiked up after the controversy took place.

Cristian Dior Charlize Theron

What makes the timepiece really attractive is that it captures your attention better than the gold and platinum jewelry and bracelet that Charlize Theron is wearing. Overall, this is one luxury celebrity watch that you should wear only if you know for certain that you’re not bound to any brand J like Charlize happened to be. This is a star watch so wear it proudly.