Rado True Thinline – A Unique Design That Offers Everything

It is a known fact that the design of a luxury watch is what makes it appealing to customers. While the brand name and the movement are important, the watch is considered to be a big fashion item so it should follow the same rules as any other fashionable accessory. Every year, the Good Design award is given to the most refined and unique style; it is one of the most prestigious awards for luxury watches and thousands of submissions from the top manufacturers in the world compete with each other. The 2011 Good Design award went to the Rado True Thinline and it is easy to see why they chose this amazing watch.

Swiss WatchFirst off, this is not the first time that Rado won this prestigious award and actually, the brand already had 4 Good Design awards for previous models; it is safe to say that they knew what they are doing. With this new addition to the high quality collection that bears the brand name, they have revolutionized the watch industry. The Rado True Thinline, as the name suggests, is very thin; actually that is an understatement, it is the thinnest high-tech ceramic watch in the world. To achieve this unique design, everything had to be modified, every piece had to be reworked to maintain the quartz movement exclusively made by Rado. While design was an important issue, the movement wasn’t overlooked and although it might be as thin as a credit card, it functions perfectly. The watch case has a thickness of just 5 mm and this allows for a design that has never been seen before, a comfort without precedent and a sophisticated style fit for a king.

The Rado True Thinline has a very modern design with great lines that will never go out of fashion. Aside from being a work of art, it is also quite resistant and durable thanks to the high-quality ceramics. It may seem very fragile at first sight because of the thin design but it can actually last longer than a standard luxury watch. All in all, it truly deserved the Good Design award and many watch enthusiasts are looking towards Rado for other unique designs in the future.

Paris Hiton – Diamond GMTMaster II

Here we have miss Paris Hilton looking better than always. She is extremely elegant and manages to match her beautiful accessories with the beautiful outfit she is wearing. If you don’t know who this celebrity is let me remind you that she is the heiress of the Hilton Empire and one of the richest women in the world. She is also a model, a singer, an actress and definitely has the right career track before her. She also did some charity work and it’s usually seen at all celebrity events. We can see her wearing this beautiful Rolex Diamond GMT Master II 116752, which is a great addition to her amazing look. Despite her negative publicity as a party animal, she always managed to dress real nice and wear the best clothes. She is usually a trend setter and always managed to do a fashion statement with the way she dresses. You probably agree, that she really nailed it this time when it comes to great fashion taste.

Rolex GMT

This lovely Rolex comes with a great yellow gold or silver case made with 18K gold, a 24 hour gold bezel and gold Oyster Fliplock Bracelet. It was developed for pilots and it is probably one of the best watches out there when it comes to functionality. It will show you the time in three different time zones and it literary scratch resistant due to the material it is made from. Its precise movements are given by the amazing Parachrom hairspring, which is unaffected by magnetic fields and it is incredibly resistant to shocks. It also comes with a ceramic bezel which is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and scratchproof. What’s even more amazing about this watch is how comfortable it feels and this is mostly due to its system which allows extending the bracelet a bit when you put pressure on it or when your wrists get swollen. It is, of course, waterproof to 100 meters and self winding.

The Rolex Diamond GMT Master II is definitely a masterpiece and one of those watches that will surely remain in history.

Charlize Theron And The $20 Million Story Involving Christian Dior & Raymond Weil

Charlize Theron must have sworn never to wear a watch again after Christian Dior and Raymond Weil made her life miserable over an issue that amounted $20 million. Charlize was contractually bound to wear Raymond Weil watches in public, but she was surprised, as seen in this picture, wearing this luxury Christian Dior watch.

Charlize Theron Christian Dior VS Reimond Weil

There is no doubt that the Christian Dior watch here is an absolute masterpiece. This is a watch with numerous precious stones and jewels embedded in valuable metals like gold and silver to create one fantastic luxury watch.

This celebrity watch is designed to capture attention. From afar, it looks like a single metal bracelet with the face of the watch designed on top. Charlize has worn the watch rather stylishly by letting it slide down to add to the glitz and star value.

This luxury timepiece features 3 sub dials and this makes it a rather manly looking watch. For some strange reasons, popular female artists are always seen in bold and glitzy men’s watches.

The controversy between Charlize and Raymond arose on the issue whether she was at a public place or not. She contended that she had no idea that she was being photographed. As it turned out, two different photographers had taken snaps and one snap was actually used in a Christian Dior advertisement that claimed that Charlize wore only Christian Dior.

The issue was finally settled in a multimillion dollar repayment. However, the good news was that both brands secured a lot of publicity and public interest in Raymond Weil watches spiked up after the controversy took place.

Cristian Dior Charlize Theron

What makes the timepiece really attractive is that it captures your attention better than the gold and platinum jewelry and bracelet that Charlize Theron is wearing. Overall, this is one luxury celebrity watch that you should wear only if you know for certain that you’re not bound to any brand J like Charlize happened to be. This is a star watch so wear it proudly.