Paris Hiton – Diamond GMTMaster II

Here we have miss Paris Hilton looking better than always. She is extremely elegant and manages to match her beautiful accessories with the beautiful outfit she is wearing. If you don’t know who this celebrity is let me remind you that she is the heiress of the Hilton Empire and one of the richest women in the world. She is also a model, a singer, an actress and definitely has the right career track before her. She also did some charity work and it’s usually seen at all celebrity events. We can see her wearing this beautiful Rolex Diamond GMT Master II 116752, which is a great addition to her amazing look. Despite her negative publicity as a party animal, she always managed to dress real nice and wear the best clothes. She is usually a trend setter and always managed to do a fashion statement with the way she dresses. You probably agree, that she really nailed it this time when it comes to great fashion taste.

Rolex GMT

This lovely Rolex comes with a great yellow gold or silver case made with 18K gold, a 24 hour gold bezel and gold Oyster Fliplock Bracelet. It was developed for pilots and it is probably one of the best watches out there when it comes to functionality. It will show you the time in three different time zones and it literary scratch resistant due to the material it is made from. Its precise movements are given by the amazing Parachrom hairspring, which is unaffected by magnetic fields and it is incredibly resistant to shocks. It also comes with a ceramic bezel which is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and scratchproof. What’s even more amazing about this watch is how comfortable it feels and this is mostly due to its system which allows extending the bracelet a bit when you put pressure on it or when your wrists get swollen. It is, of course, waterproof to 100 meters and self winding.

The Rolex Diamond GMT Master II is definitely a masterpiece and one of those watches that will surely remain in history.